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Cell Culture Reagent

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Human interleukin-3 untagged has been shown to enhance survival of  TF-1 cells in culture.


Personalized Analytics

Protein Expression / Purification

Protein Expression / Purification

We work closely with our users throughout our process to ensure that the analysis is relevant. We are committed to providing clean, in-depth datasets.


Protein Expression / Purification

Protein Expression / Purification

Protein Expression / Purification

Over 25 industry years experience in protein  separations and expression. We work to build the right protein for the job. Experience in formulations of reagent and therapeutic proteins.  Fc Fusions - Recombinant Antibodies - Soluble Receptors - Chemokines.


Scientific Products

Protein Expression / Purification

Scientific Products

Specializing in reagent proteins, labeled proteins and products in protein visualization. Our products are tested to meet our expectation of the kind of product we would proudly recommend.


Analytical Services

Protein - Peptide Expression

Protein - Peptide Expression


GEL Electrophoresis


Infrared Western Imaging


Colorimetric Biochemistry




Protein - Peptide Expression

Protein - Peptide Expression

Protein - Peptide Expression






Protein Products

Protein - Peptide Expression

Protein Products


HU IL-3                  10ug   $99.00

HU IL-4                 10ug    $99.00

HU IL-13                10ug   $99.00

HU IL-15                10ug    $99.00

HU YKL-40            10ug   $99.00

HU DBSC:IL-13RA  10ug  $99.00

TEV Protease          250U $99.00

Dedicated Staff

Building Custom Protein Constructs

Building Custom Protein Constructs


  Chris capturing a human cytokine from microbial refolding production on IMAC filter column assembly.

Building Custom Protein Constructs

Building Custom Protein Constructs

Building Custom Protein Constructs


coaching students in Tacoma bio- sciences

Serial Processing

Building Custom Protein Constructs

Serial Processing


Running a series of affinity proteins from mammalian recombinant culture. 


Biopharma Background


P.I.CelKem has the expertise and experience in processing protein therapeutic antibodies, Fc fusion biotherapeutics and chemokines . This experience was gained at AMGEN in process development product recovery and within research protein science. We understand what it takes to provide the necessary tools to study a target, develop a therapeutic molecule to interact with the target in the disease pathway, then promote the best therapeutic candidate toward preclinical assessment. Our skills are in protein design and expression, antibody generation, and identification of problematic biological hotspots.

Our Products


Our products include contract research services, research  reagents, consumables for research, as well as control proteins for analysis, discovery, and diagnostics.  We are building out biomolecule reagents for sale, biomolecular assay kits, and imaging products.  

Our Research


We have a passion for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis research. Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis is a serious condition which represents a large unmet medical need. Once diagnosed with the disease the life expectancy for most is only a few years. The Northwest is home to some of the best talent in this research. Our goal to provide the best biomolecular molecules, and to develop models that meet the research need. 


Located in scenic Tacoma Washington we are Now part of the RAIN Incubator Tacoma.  To educate our community and grow jobs, talent, and companies in BioTech for Tacoma.

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Part of RAIN in Tacoma

 To facilitate the growth of the Life Science and Tech industries in Tacoma.  RAIN tackles this through providing accessible hands-on educational experiences for Tacoma’s students, empowering life science start-ups and small businesses, and executing pivotal research in our downtown Tacoma location.